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 Pamper yourself without the costs. You deserve it.

Pamper yourself without the costs. You deserve it.


About two years ago, I underwent an inner transformation. I have really sensitive skin, and I was breaking out with hives several times a week. After lots of internet research, I decided to try out coconut oil. I have very oily and acne prone skin, so I was anxious about this experiment.

At first I was just using coconut oil as a moisturizer. This initially saved me money because I had been using anti-aging cream that was very expensive. A 16 ounce jar of coconut oil is cheap-especially compared to my 1 ounce jar of moisturizer was close to $100. My wallet wasn't the only thing that saw the difference. By skin became super hydrated, and started to break out less and less. I started to use the coconut oil instead of face soap, shaving gel, body lotion, chapstick, deep conditioner, cold sore treatment etc. That jar goes far, and it can be used for everything. 

I became one of coconut oil's biggest advocates. I would enthusiastically tell everyone about the benefits. That is when I became exposed to other oils. 

One of my co-workers sells oils. I was hesitant to buy any oils from her, given the hefty price tag. However, I finally did buy one, and loved it. Given she sells the oils through a pyramid scheme, I knew I could get the oils for a better price, with just as good quality. I began doing more internet research.

Now I am even bigger on oils. I use essential oils in replace of a lot of things-both beauty related and not. I love the Eden's Garden brand, and use these oils daily.

A few drops of oil can be used as anti-aging serum, beg repellent, household disinfectant, deodorant, air freshener, dandruff relief, antiseptic...the options truly are endless. Essential oils have replaced countless items, making my life less cluttered and less chemical-filled. 


Here are some other ways to help decrease spending for beauty related items...



I use to be big on getting my nails done. However, I was spending $50 every three weeks to spend an hour in the salon. Cutting back on this expense means one more hour in my month and an extra $870 in my pocket each year. The natural look looks refined and when I want to go sassy, I paint them myself. I love the butter London because they  do not add "Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, DBP, Toluene, Camphor, Ethly Tosylamide, Xylene or TPHP" to any of its nail products.



I also learned to trim my own bangs/hair. There is a Youtube video for everything, and this includes great tutorials on how to get your sought-after hair style. Just remember, if you mess up, it's just hair, it'll grow back. I recommend using professional hair scissors. They cost in between $10-$20, so the cost of 1 typical hair cut, but you can use them forever. 

I hardly ever dye my hair, but I have been known to do the ombre on occasion. Not only does the ombre look cost nothing to maintain, you can also DIY. Box dye is relatively cheap and again check out Youtube for some great tutorials. 


Another salon-service I now do by myself is eyebrow waxing. I hate stray hairs, and was going to get waxed a few times a month. Now, I buy a jar of wax from places like Amazon (and it lasts all year). I hate the little straggly hairs that would grow in between waxes. Now that I do the waxing myself, I can just touch up when the brows start to get unruly. I suggest starting with a professional wax and then maintaining the shape yourself. 


For make-up, I buy it at Ulta. Ulta always has coupons and they have a rewards program where you can earn points on each purchase. These points add up fast, especially if you are a Platinum member and in bonus point times. Amazon always has sales on beauty products too. Many people may not think to buy their make-up online, but you can get some crazy good deals. Another make-up tip I recommend, is buying a multi-use product. I wear a lot of nude colors, so I love the Anastasia contour pallets. I use the pallet for both cheek and eye contouring. It's wonderful! 

Facial Toner

Raw Apple Cider Vinegar is actually a really good facial toner. It can be a little potent {and smelly} but it can get the job done. I wouldn't recommend using this on your face multiple times a week though, it can get a little harsh. 

Here's a link to extra virgin coconut oil. If you are using it on your skin, stay chemical free.