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Would You Take A Pay Cut To Leave A Job You Hate?

I wrote a blog post late last summer about how I absolutely hated my job. At that point, I was sending out countless resumes daily, along with trying to stay relevant with LinkedIn connections. I hated everything about my position: the commute, the mass amount of meaningless work, the manager who lacked management skills, etc. 

Since writing that post, I came into a new position. It is not the kind of position I could see myself in, and I upon accepting it I had to take a pay cut-but I was willing to do anything to get out of the soul-crushing work I was doing. 

Now, my quality of life is so much better. Since the company was unwilling to meet me at my wanted salary, I was able to negotiate an 8-3 work day, with a lunch self-plotted somewhere in that time frame. On my lunch break, I sometimes hit up the local gym, do my errands or just walk to the local park. The new position also has more PTO-3 more days a year, with 2 more paid holidays. The cherry on top is that I hardly ever have to drive into the city now. I was commuting over 100 miles round trip in Chicago rush hour A DAY. Now my round trip is an easy 14 miles to the next over small town suburb. 

People think I am crazy for leaving the higher salary for something that pays less. However, between the lessen work hours and not commuting, I save myself roughly 4 hours a day-compared to this time last year. I am also saving on gas, tolls, work-attire and my own sanity. I truly haven't noticed the pay decrease-that much. I am still looking to up my my income, some how, but right now I am enjoying a little more leisure after spending the decade of my 20s hustling with work and grad school. 

Would you be willing to take a less prestigious job for extra time at home? How can you truly put a price on the amount of time you are able to spend with those you love vs climbing the corporate ladder?