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Soundless Facebook Videos: An Astonishing Marketing Trend

Have you used Facebook Videos to Market Your Business, Website, or Blog?

I use to be addicted to Facebook, and then I went 'cold turkey' on it. However, I rejoined and without regret. Facebook has come along ways since I was introduced to it in college, 2006. It use to be Myspace's uncool cousin, yet look who is still standing in 2016! Facebook has become the place to "brand" oneself and a business. 

At first, the fact that eighty-five percent of videos that are viewed on Facebook are seen without sound seems astonishing. We live in a time of sensory overload. People want to constantly interact with each other, and part of this social interaction is through sound. However, when the soundless Facebook video trend is looked into deeper, it makes sense. People use Facebook all day, every day. This includes places such as work, restaurants, public transportation etc (Chen, K). Society has evolved to feel the need for constant social media interaction, even when the situation would deem viewing videos are inappropriate.

Marketers are beginning to understand this trend, and are giving Facebook users, both individuals and businesses, what they want. More and more videos are being featured with flashy, eye-catching images and bold text. It is simple; it drives home the point and most importantly, it helps video advertising be more impactful because it is viewable at all times. Marketing is all about being effective, and soundless videos have proven to be effective on the Facebook platform.

 I would love to hear your opinions on Facebook videos!

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