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Millennial Careers, Choices and Consumers : Book Recommendations

 Photo by TonyTaylorStock/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by TonyTaylorStock/iStock / Getty Images

Below are some great reads on the millennial generation. Check them out. They not only are intriguing, and drive home various points, these books can help you see a generation as a potential to drive your own success-both personal and financial.

Even though Not Everyone Gets A Trophy: How To Manage Millennials is a few years old, it still highlights the importance that success management techniques differ when talking about the various ages of the working class, especially millennials. Millennials have a bad rep of being horrible workers, yet this book shows the importance of altering management skills to get across to a tech-savvy generation.  

Marketing to Millennials: Reach the Largest and Most Influential Generation of Consumers Ever detail how the largest age group is entering its prime spending years, and how businesses should market to attract, and retain, the loyalty of millennial buyers, especially given how influential millennials can be with social media.

Millennials With Kids: Marketing To This Powerful and Surprisingly Different Generation of Parents is a great read on how the millennial generation has become adults, and now are starting to have their own kids. This means a consumerist generation raising another generation of consumerist. The book details marketing ideas and brand strategies to target the two generations, and how to keep these generations happy and loyal. It's a great read for a business owner, and for any parent.

Marketing To The Millennial Women details how the women of the millennial generation empower themselves, and others. They are independent, savvy and educated. They are shaping the way of business and consumerism. They have more buying power than women of any other generation has had. It is important for companies to see their financial successes as a way to generate both successful marketing schemes and product research and development. 

Do you have any other great books/reads/podcast on the millennial generation? I am always looking for a great read. Send over some suggestions!